registration opens! soon.

November 28, 2009

jim our gravel guru has been getting lots of questions from our gravel addicted brethren. when is registration opening! well the dirty duo put our heads together & flipped a coin & JANUARY 10TH was the answer. we are pretty sure it will be at midnight. but we will see if the online reg. guys will do a kinder time.
on other gravel news we are revamping our website. i’m waiting on graphics for the header & sponsor graphics & we will have a sweet new look. we will be doing a calendar for all the gravel events like ours & TI & GLGA. if you know about something really cool i haven’t heard about drop a email to me. & i will post it. we need to spread the good word of gravel !

big grin…joel


3 Responses to “registration opens! soon.”

  1. joe fox said

    joel and jim,
    many of us have been waiting to hear when the 2010 event will open! I will spread the word and the dirt. My entire 2010 schedule is once again based around DK200. I look forward to another year of terrible winds and shitty heat!
    unfortunately i will be in either belize or costa maya when reg opens, so I will pay a pretty penny to whoever can register me!
    joe fox

  2. Neither January 10th nor June 5th can come soon enough.

    • teamsexypants said

      don’t hurry. there is so much good riding between now & then.we are going to hurt at ti this year!
      i’m making some cool trophys for the winners & a special one to be announced!think limestone & steel.

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